A big learning curve…

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This is how I feel....  I am a beader and a business lady.  Not a web designer or programmer.  So the move to this new site, new format, new almost EVERYTHING has had me baffled and blustered for the last month.  So apologies for neglecting the blog somewhat.  The move from Blogger to WordPress has been an especially confusing one, but I am assured that the latter will be much better for us.  Please find above the photo so poorly formatted into this text.  I just need to sit down and work my way around it to get used to it.  Brian won’t even look at it for fear of being drawn in to help me out.  He is happy to count your beads and put them in the little bags.  I get to tackle the technical side on my lonesome.

Our vision for the blog is to be a source of information and inspiration mostly.  A resource to come to if you would like to try a new technique, acquire tips, and learn more about the products we stock.  Like what the heck TSL means after the color name in our Miyuki listings.  And whether you want 7 or 49 strand flexible beading wire.  And what size needle works best with those teeny tiny 15/0s.  That sort of thing.  We will be building this resource up over the coming months, but bear with us while it looks a little sparse at first.

Meanwhile, the Facebook page is the place to find the latest news, pretty pictures, share what you have been doing, chat back and forth with fellow beaders.  We have a great community growing on there, so make sure you come and join us.  We update it everyday.  Sometimes 3 or 4 times a day.  That is an easy one for me to keep up with:)

So, what information would you like to see on the blog?  What are you looking for?  What would be most helpful to you as a beader and a customer?  All input is greatly appreciated!!

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