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I have had a few comments now about the ‘Crystallized’ Cha Cha Bracelet which is currently featured on our Home Page. It was made with all my odds and ends of Swarovski and a beadable cha cha bracelet I have had in my bag for ages.

The technique is simple enough, but it does take some time-several hours in fact! But the results are gorgeous. It is just so easy to wear and feels so feminine. I thought I would share the general instructions and materials with you while you still have time to purchase the cha cha bracelet on sale (until 15th August 2009).

So, to make one ‘Crystallized’ Cha Cha bracelet you will need:

Materials: (You can click on the items to go to the webpage and add to your basket)
1 Silver Plated 2 Ring Cha Cha Bracelet
88 Silver Plated 4mm or 5mm jumprings
264 Silver Plated headpins, 1 inch 20 Gauge
88 Swarovski 6mm Rounds or Bicones (in the colors of your choice)
176 Swarovski 4mm Rounds or Bicones (again, choose your colors!)

flush cutters
round nose pliers
chain or flat nose pliers

1.Put each of your crystals onto a headpin. Make a single (or eye) loop and trim excess wire. This will take you a while!

2.Open a jumpring and put on one 4mm crystal, one 6mm crystal and then another 4mm crystal. Attach it to a loop on the bracelet and close tightly.

3.Repeat this until your bracelet is full of shimmer! Put it on and shake your wrist-the sound is amazing too:)

You can use any kind of beads with this idea- the Czech Faceted Fire-polished Round Mixes are great, as are the Druk Mixes. Swarovski Pearls would be gorgeous too! And brightly colored Miracle Beads would be fun…you could go on and on!

If any of you do make this, please share your photos and ideas on the blogspot-we would love to hear from you.

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