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It can be challenging and/or costly to find focal findings and pendants that are unique and set you apart from the other jewelry designers. The only thing for it is to make your own.

Don’t be scared…it is not as difficult as you think! As many of you know, PMC (Precious Metal Clay) hit the scene and WOW, we all wanted to make our own silver components. Until we saw the price and the materials and tools needed. Great, if you’re a pro, but a huge investment if you just like to dabble here and there.

Well now we have DG3 Gel, a fantastic replacement for the traditional ‘resin’ used to cover, seal and protect pendants. And a great way to make custom components without all the investment! There is no mixing involved-it is ready to use in a squeezy bottle. There are also less fumes and smell, though you should still really work near an open window. It is a little slower to dry than resin, and you will need to apply multiple layers to achieve best results. It isn’t quite as durable as resin either, but its ease of use far outweighs any of the drawbacks.

You can use any images you would like and you can even print off images with your inkjet printer (including photos of your favorite people!). You will need to add a layer of Mod Podge or similar product to prevent damage to the paper and ink however.

Just use a punch to cut out your image, fit it into your ‘lipped’ pendant and cover with DG3 Art Gel. For a better explanation and demonstration have a look at this video made by Nunn Designs, the makers of some beautiful, high quality pendants and findings. You will find all of these items in our ‘Custom Jewelry Corner’ along with books and other products. We will be adding more products to this section in the coming months, so check back often.

Oh, and another tip to make your work even more unique! You can set little objects, beads, dried flowers and anything else you can imagine into the DG3 too. Layer them up for a real dimensional look!

I can’t wait to see some of your designs…..happy creating!

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