Earl Visits The Beading Room

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Hi everyone!

Just to let you know that we are located right where Hurricane Earl is supposed to make landfall tomorrow-so if you do not get a reply for a couple of days you will know it is because we have lost power.  I doubt this will happen, but we just wanted to let you know that we are not ignoring our dear customers:)  This should not affect our service or shipment times.

 The worst case scenario- I may get a little beading of my own done by candlelight.  I have many ‘half-finished’ projects that have been neglected since taking over the business!!!

Thanks so much,

One thought on “Earl Visits The Beading Room”

  1. We survived!!!!! It really wasn't that bad. We lost about 10 trees in the back yard (we live in a forest, so they are not really missed) and the power was out for a day. Other than that, no problem. I think my eyes were shocked at going a whole day without looking at a computer screen:)

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