earring design ideas

Like something here?  Click on the photo for the instructions you need to make your own:)

'shadows of flowers earrings' by Aleksandra Lysenko
‘shadows of flowers earrings’ by Aleksandra Lysenko
'romantic earrings' by Apollinariya Koprivnik
‘romantic earrings’ by Apollinariya Koprivnik
'constellation earrings' by preciosa
‘constellation earrings’ by Preciosa
half moon earrings by Miriam Shimon
‘half moon earrings’ by Miriam Shimon
swarovski present earrings
‘swarovski present earrings with tierracast bow’ by The Beading Room
golden rings bracelet and earrings set
‘golden rings bracelet and earrings set with ufo beads’ by The Beading Room
artemis christmas tree earrings
‘artemis christmas tree earrings with stardust beads’ by The Beading Room
downton waterfall earrings
‘downton waterfall earrings’ by The Beading Room

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