Getting a big kick out of the BIGkick!

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Well the kids and I thought we would give our machine it’s maiden job: making end-of-year presents for the kids’ teachers.  What I didn’t expect was the children’s absolute joy at playing with it.  In fact, we went through half a bulk bag of blanks; the kids were so excited. In the end they narrowed them down to their two favorite pendants.

Embossing the metal...
Embossing the metal…

It really is that easy to use.  The promotional video is right!  Even my 7 and 9 year olds did it easily without much guidance.  They did the embossing, dapping and color polishing all by themselves!

Dap, dap, dap
Dap, dap, dap
Using the reliefing block
Using the reliefing block

They were so proud of the outcomes. We then made the pendants into lovely necklaces by adding some Gilder’s Paste for a touch of color and putting them on leather cord with a few additional dangly bits.

Rubbing in patina paste in with his fingers for a bit of color
Rubbing in patina paste in with his fingers for a bit of color
Wise little owl...
Wise little owl…

What do you think?  Hopefully their teachers like them!

Thanks for all your hard work teachers!
Thanks for all your hard work teachers!

Do you want to have a go? Find everything you need to get started with the Vintaj BIGkick right here on our site! The machine, blanks, and a wide variety of embossing and etching templates. Don’t forget to add some color with Gilder’s Paste, an easy-to-use colored polish that works great with Vintaj metal blanks as well as other metal components and epoxy clay.

4 thoughts on “Getting a big kick out of the BIGkick!”

  1. I admire that you involve the kids in some of your work. I haven’t been so brave yet, I’m always afraid they’re going to drop something important. Maybe I will soon, though.

    1. Hee hee. Yes, sometimes there are mishaps. Like the time my son decided to stick a 6mm Swarovski Crystal Round up his nose and then started to panic trying to get it out. I try to involve them as much as I can so at least they don’t resent the beads for taking up much of Mommy’s time;) We do have lots of fun. Recently my daughter made bracelets to raise money for the SPCA. It is worth the effort as they really do enjoy and appreciate the things they make themselves. Good luck Liz:)

  2. For the same reasons as you mentioned I involve my grandchildren in making jewellry. I find their colour or bead choices are not what I might have picked and they ideas always work! They have a more open approach to colour that is refreshing. Dropping a hundred seed beads on the floor might be like spilt milk – not worth crying over and the memories you make are for a lifetime.

    1. Nothing a little hand-held vac can’t help:) It is nice to give kids free reign over their creating- like you say, they come up with approaches and color choices that are unique and refreshing. That is the one thing I disliked when I was teaching- an art project that turned out 30 of the exact same thing pretty much ha ha.

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