Hand-dyed silk is beautiful, but…..

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We purchased the most beautiful, surged and edged silk ribbons.  I love this look and to wear a piece of silk around the neck as opposed to chain feels so luxurious. 

One problem- of the 100 pieces we ordered, none of them are the same color!!!!  How do we catalogue them on the site?!?

I am thinking to group them in threes and sell them that way.  Only 33 items to photograph and load on the site that way:)

Be on the lookout for these on our site in the next couple of days.  If you see a color group you like, I suggest buying it then and there because we definitely won’t be getting the exact same ones in again.  Is that a good thing?  Nice for you, but a lot of work for the photographer:) 

2 thoughts on “Hand-dyed silk is beautiful, but…..”

  1. All will be revealed….needless to say I think there is pretty much a color to suit everyone in this lot Lynn!! I expected maybe 5 of each color or something, but every single one is different. ARGH!

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