introducing DatzKatz Designs and a free bangle tutorial for our readers…

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We are so lucky to have a business where we meet such talented and amazing people.  One of our customers, Debra of DatzKatz Designs is no exception.  True to the artistic Maritime spirit, she is an accomplished beading artist, having been published several times in the leading magazines.  A few of her designs are also being published in the upcoming Contemporary Geometric Beadwork Volume II book authored by Kate McKinnon, out around June 2014.

Debra lives in Rural Nova Scotia and beading, as you probably guessed, is her most favorite way to pass time.   She started beading – stringing – about 3 years ago. Encouraged by friends who liked her designs, she started sharing and selling on Facebook.  At that point she was inspired by all the wonderful designs of beads sewn together to create jewelry she found there too.  She decided to teach herself how to bead weave and has been addicted ever since!  She has been bead weaving for about 2 1/2 years, but her talent suggests she has been doing it for so much longer.  She recently, after the encouragement of the wonderful bead weaving friends she has met on Facebook, started writing bead weaving patterns. Her designs have been published in Bead Trends magazine and Bead and Button magazine.  She has been further delighted by the inclusion of her designs in Kate McKinnon’s upcoming book too.  Debra says “My journey with seed beads has brightened my life. Creating with seed beads has become my therapy, meditation and joy.”  Her designs certainly bring joy to her customers and fellow beaders too!

We are honored that she has shared her tutorial for her ‘Fun & Flirty Datz Katz Bangle’ with our readers and customers.  It is such a fun bangle that just begs to be layered…the more, the better.  Just click Fun&FlirtyDatzKatz bangle to download the tutorial.

And make sure to check out all of Debra’s beautiful work and tutorials at her Etsy store, Craftsy store and Facebook page.

We especially love the Spiny Back Lizard Tail Bracelet.  She also has a great sale on in her Etsy store for March Break, so be sure to browse now:)
DatzKatz…we are sure to hear a lot more of her in the future!

6 thoughts on “introducing DatzKatz Designs and a free bangle tutorial for our readers…”

  1. I was a bead weaver 20 + years ago but as much as I loved it I didn’t have the time I wanted to devote to it. I packed my supplies and tools away to save for when I would have the time to create. Being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthtritis and no longer allowed to work outside the home was not at all in the plan but after going through the stages of grief and depression I knew Beading was my answer. That’s when I discovered I had no supplies. They had all been either lost in flood or stollen! My tools had been “borrowed” and never returned. I was heart broken but determined to get back to the one thing I knew would be my therapy and bring me the happiness I needed so badly! My income had dropped significantly so I was collecting very little very slowly. It would have been easier to give up but I just couldn’t knowing how I needed this for me. I was very fortunate to have befriended some incredible Beading Ladies and through one of them I met Debra! I was thrilled with her designs and she lives right here in Nova Scotia! I was shocked to learn that she hadn’t been beading for most of her life! She never took classes! Her designs are so detailed and beautiful! We became friends so easily! She began helping me collect the supplies I needed and she has taught me so much. She is such a kind and generous mentor! I am so Blessed to have this fantastic Lady in my life! If I’m blue or down she lifts my spirits and she has been such a huge Inspiration to me! It is my hope that someday I will be able to pay it all forward and help someone else make their dreams become reality the way Debra has helped me.

  2. What a wonderful article about a wonderful lady! She deserves it!
    I feel very blessed to count Debra as a friend, we each other through the magic of the Internet. She is one of the kindest, sweetest persons I know.

  3. Aw Linda, Thank you so much. It is a pleasure to know you. I appreciate that you are helping me clear out some of my overgrown bead stash. So glad we’re friends!

  4. Wonderful write up on Debra. She is a beautiful, talented lady and like she says, “her head is always spinning with new designs!” I was so lucky to reconnect with her after many years. (through beading!) I knew Debra as a little girl. Lost contact while we both grew up, and now she is my Beading Mentor. I am so lucky to call her Friend.

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