Is She ‘Moody’ or is it Just a ‘Mirage’?

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We love Mirage Beads…otherwise known as Mood Beads.  But these are not your average, run of the mill color-changing beads.  We even made an exception and stocked them DESPITE being a primarily glass, crystal and metal kind of site.  If you haven’t seen them in ‘real life’ yet, you really must.  They are stunningly gorgeous with a 3D effect, lightweight, well-made…what more do you want from a bead?

Here is a little video by The Beadsmith to tell you more about them.  And they just started doing a few new styles, which we will be sure to add to our lineup.  Especially the little ‘bee’ discs….so cute!  Come and have a peek at all our different styles.

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