Missing Miyuki

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Has anyone seen my Miyuki?

It is in several large, brown boxes and it left the border in Quebec on the 23rd of July.

It hasn’t been seen by a UPS employee since.

It contains lots of tiny Miyuki Delicas 15/0, assorted 4mm cubes, some bugle beads and various other superior quality Japenese seedbeads.

A reward of one seedbeaded necklace to the helpful candidate who finds my delivery in time to satisfy some lovely but growingly impatient (and who can blame them!) customers who just want to bead.

2 thoughts on “Missing Miyuki”

  1. They have said they have put a 'tracer' on it which can take up to eight days. Then we can put in a claim. In the meantime we have customers waiting and stock-outs! Oh well, cannot get stressed about it, it is out of our control:)

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