Miyuki Mishaps

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Well we have just received a HUGE number of lines of Miyuki to add to our ever expanding collection. All sizes of Triangles, 3mm Squares (or cubes) and loads of 6/0, 8/0, 11/0 and 15/0 Rocailles (rounded, ‘normal’ seedbeads). So we have been very busy photographing and loading up the hundreds of lines on site. Which is time consuming, but not a huge problem.

STORAGE is our big concern. We are quickly outgrowing our office and have not an inch of wallspace left. So we bought some of those plastic storage drawers and thought we could expand into the next room-make that our ‘MIYUKI ROOM’ aka ‘bead weavers’ ultimate dream space’. Great idea! So we unpacked all the boxes and neatly organised all of our beautiful new beads in their own drawers and labelled them with my new nifty label making machine. Mission complete.

Until the next day, when I came down to pack some orders. The drawers could not and would not open. The weight of these densely bagged little seedbeads were too much for the plastic, and as we slept the drawer frames sagged and buckled:(

So, after much prying and deconstruction we managed to save our little glass gems from a confined fate. I now have several hundreds of dollars worth of pretty useless plastic drawers and no home for my Miyuki.

Please adopt some today and save them from a life on the floor. Visit the website to see what we have loaded on already-3mm Squares and the 5/0 Triangles at the time of posting this blog. We should have the rest of the triangles on tonight and tomorrow. Then the seedbeads-what you all have been waiting for!!!

PS-That is me struggling to get the drawers open. Even after being emptied they wouldn’t budge. I wonder if I could put the drawers in upside down, refill them and see if they would stretch back the other way……Hmm….?

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  1. I know exactly what you are talking about! I have some those drawers too. I had put my glassware that I paint on the bottom! lol Try filling up the tub with hot water so that the plastic will become flexiable, and place a weight so that it pushes in the opposite direction. Let the water cool on it's own and they should be back to normal… I hope it works! 🙂

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