New Swarovski Colours for Fall/Winter 2010 On Their Way

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New crystal colours always excite me, but this season they are STUNNING! You wonder how Swarovski can keep coming up with new and fresh ideas but stay within the classic and timeless framework of design.

My favourite of the bunch is the ‘Cyclamen Opal’, as pictured right (sorry about the picture quality, we have none of our own yet!). Its mix of a subtle, soft appearance (the opal) with what is really quite a bold colour makes it so classy and appealing.

‘Greige’ is a barely there colour, crystal with a touch of what appears to be a golden smokiness. Very classic, very understated and very elegant.

Lastly we have the ‘Crystal Metallic Light Gold 2X’, full of dazzle and oozing opulence. We predict this color is going to be popular for its rich, precious metal appearance. My mind is already ticking full of ideas-I am going to use this one in a multistrand necklace of fine chain, crystal and pearl, with some chain tassels thrown in there too.

And don’t forget about the pearls! The most awesome and daring colour (well, that’s our opinion!) added to the lineup to date is the ‘Crystal Coral’ color. We love this shade because of its versatility. In a large round it is funky and modern, but in a smaller round, or wave pearl, it will be a classic bead.

We have our pre-order in, empty space in the ‘Swarovski’ section of our storeroom and we are ready to go. Don’t worry, we’ll make it known on our homepage when they arrive so you don’t miss out:)

And THEN there are the new shapes for Fall/Winter 2010…but that’s another blog!

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