Not all Sea Glass is Created Equal

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Well it is a very rainy day in Nova Scotia today. The weather systems that have plagued the Toronto area have now arrived here, albeit somewhat tamer now. But what to do on a rainy day…..bead of course! I think I’ll let Brian to the packing today, I am going to tackle the collection of sea glass sitting on the windowsill.

I have a couple of really nicely frosted and thick pieces and some that are not quite so great. I may try to wrap them and make a cluster pendant…I think!

Here’s video regarding grading and sorting sea glass for your information. I picked up a lot of ‘poor quality’ the other day, that’s for sure.

Who knew there was such a thing as a ‘Sea Glass Continuum’? It’s all so scientific:) My general rule…if you stepped on it, could it cut your foot? If the answer is yes, probably not a good idea to string it around your neck!!!

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