project by the beading room: bohemian blossom ring

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Bohemian Blossom Ring- The Beading Room

This pretty little ring is so easy to make!  3 components and 2 minutes is all you need to create this feminine piece of jewelry.

what you need: (just click on the links and add them to your cart on the site)

what to do:

  1. Take your wire and thread it through one side of the tube ring shank and push through until it comes out the other end.  Center the wire so that it is equal on both sides.
  2. Pick up your glass button and put it in position on the ring.  Feed the wires through the holes so that the wire ends cross over and come out on the other side, straight across from where you started.
  3. Take one end in your pliers and begin to wrap it around the base of the button- the shank.  I did it quite organically (not all neatly) to give it a funky feel.
  4. Take the other end of wire and wrap it around the shank in the opposite direction, keeping good tension and tucking the end neatly away.

Back of Bohemian Blossom Ring- The Beading Room








Yes- it is that easy!  Make one for all your friends:)

2 thoughts on “project by the beading room: bohemian blossom ring”

  1. I really like this design, its so versatile, you could sub in any type of flower so long as it has the 2 holes. very nice

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