project by the beading room: crystal & filigree compact mirror

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crystal & filigree compact

Imagine pulling this eye-catching compact from your bag!  Feminine, elegant and pretty, this timeless piece only requires a few materials and about about an hour’s time.

What you will need:

Tools: (optional but very handy!)

What to do:

  1. Put on gloves. Open the packet of Decore Clay and take out half of the green clay, and half of the white clay.  Knead together until well mixed and one consistent color.
  2. Roll it into a ball in the palm of your hands, then place the ball in the middle of the lid of the compact (the side with the raised edge).  Gently and slowly squish the ball down and work evenly in all directions to distribute the clay to fill the indentation.  There should be a slight rise in the middle, going thinner towards the edges (as you push your filigree and chatons in, the clay will push towards the edge more and with that it will become more flat).
  3. Smooth and work the edges carefully with your fingers until you are happy it is smooth.  Don’t rush this- it is important you get a good, smooth base.
  4. Place the filigree piece in the center of the clay and press down evenly with your thumbs on both sides to ensure good adhesion.  Rotate 90 degrees and repeat.
  5. Using your Magical Pick as directed, or tweezers if preferred, place 4 large round peridot chatons at north, east, south and west of the filigree.  These will act as your reference points for adding more chatons.
  6. Fill in the rest of the space around the filigree, trying to keep a repetitive pattern.  You can also fill in the spaces of the filigree with some of the tiny chatons too (I put an emerald one right in the center and a circle of peridot ones around the middle).
  7. Check to make sure all of your chatons are embedded well into the clay- they should be flush with the clay so they don’t catch or snag.  Gently press them down if need be.  Don’t push them down too much either or they won’t sparkle and shine for you!
  8. Let cure for 24 hours.  As it dries, you will see the clay surface become shinier and smoother.  Use a soft polishing cloth to clean your metal and crystal.  Et voila!

Top Tips:

  • using gloves prevents your clay showing fingerprints, but the gloves must be snug or else the wrinkles will transfer onto your clay, which can be worse!
  • Epoxy Clay can become slightly hard in its packaging- this is normal.  If you find this, just place it in your microwave for about 10 seconds, or keep in the packet and run under hot water.  It will become more pliable and easier to work with.
  • don’t panic when using epoxy clay- you have 90 minutes until it really hardens.  It is best, however, to get that clay in your bezel ASAP as it is easier to smooth out at the start.  And the more you work with it, the better you will become as you know what to expect from your clay.
  • you will have enough clay and chatons to make another compact or a pendant…or a couple of rings!  Make sure to order a few other bezelled findings to keep on creating:)


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