project by the beading room: downton waterfall chandelier earrings

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These earrings were inspired by a night of marathon Downton Abbey viewings on Netflix.  I scarcely remember making them I was so enthralled….

what you need: (just click on the links and add them to your cart on the site)

what to do:

  1. Put each of your crystal beads onto an eyepin and make an open loop on the end.  To save time, put all on a headpin and make loop, then trim all, then shape all loops.  Then you don’t have to switch between tools a bazillion times:)
  2. Connect your 4mm beads into chains of 3- ruby on top, then crystal, then hematite on the bottom.  Putting your darkest color on the bottom gives the earrings an ‘edge’ visually and defines the shape better.
  3. Attach each of your ‘chains’ to a loop on the chandeliers.
  4. Adjust your 6mm crystal beads.  With two pairs of pliers (chain nose and/or round nose) gently and slowly twist the top loop 90 degrees so it is facing the other way.  Use one pair to hold the bottom loop of the eyepin so you can easily twist the top.  This will allow your chandeliers to attach to the posts in the correct manner.  Have a look at the eyepin in the photo for a better idea.
  5. Lastly, attach the 6mm beads to the chandelier and the earring posts.  Et voila, you are now as stylish as Lady Mary!

variations: You could use silver plated or silver filled eyepins and Czech faceted fire polished rounds to make these more affordable.  Also play around with the colors and finishes- these would look beautiful in Topaz, Crystal Golden Shadow and Crystal Copper, for example.  Alternatively you could use AB finished beads to make them even more sparkly and glamorous.


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