Project by The Beading Room: Rulla Round Bangles

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Rulla Round BanglesThese pretty bangles are a great way to introduce yourself to the Rulla Bead, a versatile little cylindrical two holed seed bead made in the Czech Republic. You can switch up the colors to make a more formal design or a fun and funky look.

what you need: (just click on the links and add them to your cart on the site)

• 20g rulla beads in each of color ‘a’, color ‘b’ and color ‘c’ (60g in all)
• matching ko thread or 6lb fireline
• 1 beading needle
• fine pointed scissors or thread zap for trimming threads
• beading glue (optional, for gluing knots on thread)

what to do:
1. Cut 2 meters of beading thread, thread your needle, double over and then knot tightly.  Add a dab of glue to secure knot.

Gluing the Knot


2. Thread on 68 beads of one color.  This is for a medium sized wrist/hand.  Add or reduce as necessary, bearing in mind this is a bangle and you will need to slip over your hand to get it on.  IMPORTANT: Keep the total number of beads threaded an even number, or else the pattern will not work.

3. After threading last bead, bring your needle back to the tail of the thread, where the knot is.  Go inbetween your two strands to pull the length gently together into a bracelet shape.  Make sure everything is snug and secure.

Back Through the Tail

Start of the Bangle


4. You are now going to reverse directions and go back on yourself. Move diagonally and put your needle through the last bead you threaded, on the opposite hole from which you came (the empty one)

5. Now, align your next two beads, ready to add another bead.  The first bead should stand up on it’s end and the second should be lying horizontal.  You can then pick up a new bead on your needle and enter into the empty hole on the second bead.  This will leave you with two beads standing up on their ends (vertical), followed by one flat across.  Pop them into place and align as necessary.  Repeat all the way around the bracelet, keeping strong tension to keep the beads in place.

Insert Horizontal Bead

Side View


6.Now go through the top holes of the beads you just added, adding a bead to lie horizontally on top in between.  Go all the way around.

Adding the Horizontal Bead


7. Lastly, move to the left side of your work and thread through all the empty holes in both the vertical and horizontal beads all the way around. Once you are all the way back to the beginning, knot your thread, glue and trim as desired.

Last Threading Row



  • If you tend to get in a tangle you can use a single thread all the way around too.  Just add some tape to your end to hold the beads on, then, once you have strung your first 68 (or so) beads, tie the ends together before continuing on.
  • CHECK ALL YOUR BEADS before adding them to your work.  These are pretty good quality but ever so often there may be a closed up/missed hole.  It is really upsetting to be almost done and to discover the second hole defective.  Practice this whenever you are using two hole beads.
  • If tension isn’t your strength, you can tie off your thread ever so often to hold it in place before proceeding.  This can also prevent major spillage if your thread happens to break while you are wearing it.
  • I have used beads with a travertine finish for a more antique look.  Changing colors can vary the look greatly.  You could even try more than one color in each bangle too!

Hope you love them and wear them with joy!  Make sure to share with your beading friends- just look for the little floaty box on the left and click:)

Hollie XO

2 thoughts on “Project by The Beading Room: Rulla Round Bangles”

  1. I am having the HARDEST time with this pattern! I’ve strung the beads three times and it won’t come out round; when I try to round it out, I break beads. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Oh my goodness Lisa, Firstly I am so sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I dont get notifications of comments to the blog but I will try and find a way to change that!
      It sounds like your tension is a bit too tight, try giving yourself a little more thread to play with. The shape of the beads will be enough to hold it in a round shape.
      Good luck

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