Project by The Beading Room: ‘Tango Mosaic’ Necklace

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If you haven’t tried working with Epoxy Clay yet you need to do this project!  Some people are intimidated by the thought of working with this medium but it really is quick and easy to use.  We love the way these new Tango Beads can be configured into fun mosaic designs.  We have used a Nunn Design Rectangle Patera to work on, but we have lots of different bezels you can use the same technique with.  With all these new shaped beads the only limit is your imagination:)

You will need:

What to do:

  1. Prepare your work surface with a piece of paper and put on plastic gloves (this prevents fingerprints when you push clay into bezel).
  2. Lay out your beads in the correct pattern using the photo above.  You may want to change it up a little or use a variety of beads.  In this case, use the empty bezel as a guide to make sure your chosen pattern will fit well.
  3. Take a small pea sized amount of part A of the Epoxy Clay and an equal about of part B.  Squish and squeeze it together until all one, uniform color.  Roll into a ball.
  4. Place the ball of clay in the middle of the bezel and push it out towards the edges until spread evenly over the bottom.  There is no need to push it all the way to the edge.  It will spread out further as you embed the beads.
  5. Press your Tango Beads firmly into place.  You have about 30 min to work, though it becomes increasingly stiffer and dryer, so the quicker the better.  If you really get in a muddle, scrape out the clay before it adheres and start with a new ball.
  6. Allow clay to dry overnight.  Then take the desired length of leather cord and attach to the pendant using a lark’s head knot or similar.

*Note: I used DeCoRe Epoxy Clay on this piece, which worked but I did find it was a dryer consistency and not as easy to work with as our new Crystal Clay:)

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