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Meet Jamie Cloud Eakin – Life is Too Short to Wear Ordinary Jewelry

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Jamie Cloud Eakin’s name is synonymous with beadwork. Jamie’s love of beads expresses itself in designs that can be complex and exquisite or easy and fun. Over the last two plus decades, Jamie has shared her expertise as a professional bead artist in books and many downloadable projects; she is an artist, teacher, and perpetual … Continue reading Meet Jamie Cloud Eakin – Life is Too Short to Wear Ordinary Jewelry

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The Magic of Making

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I imagine we beaders feel similarly – take our beading away and our bead-i-ful smiles turn frowny! LOL I’ve often wondered, what is this human draw to handiwork? Beaded Bead Tassel by Cath Thomas So, I did a wee bit of research. It turns out that the earliest evidence of beadwork dates from about 75,000 … Continue reading The Magic of Making

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Meet Julie Glasser

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This month, we introduce our beaders to Julie Glasser who grew up in Michigan but has lived many years now in Georgia’s warmer climes. Inspired by her mom, artist Rita Grossberg, Julie shares that “I learned early on that you could pretty much make anything!” Self-taught, by high school Julie was selling her beaded jewellery … Continue reading Meet Julie Glasser

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Meet Neva Brown

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Neva Brown

We have introduced you to bead artists from the Netherlands, US, and Canada, and this month we dive “down under” to acquaint you with Aussie Neva Brown. Neva’s artistic talents first expressed themselves through both interior and graphic design, fields in which she has been professionally successful for many years, and in which global clients, … Continue reading Meet Neva Brown

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Meet Maria Rypan

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A beadwork designer, artist, researcher, teacher, and publisher, Maria Rypan’s work has been featured in many beadwork publications. Since 1995 she has taught beadwork classes internationally at bead shops, societies, shows, retreats, and at museum bead exhibits Maria’s beading specialty hails from her Ukrainian roots. From that tradition she shares her expertise in netting beaded … Continue reading Meet Maria Rypan

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All That Jazz

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What can I say about 2020? I’ve seen every imaginable variation of “good riddance” in recent newsletters (my fave was the Grinch saying 2020 “stink, stank, stunk”!!). It’s been a year for the historians, social scientists, medical researchers, and political pundits to ponder for decades to come. Let’s leave it at that, shall we? Let’s … Continue reading All That Jazz

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It’s Never Too Early to Bead for the Holiday Season

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I grumble – every single year – that the Holidays snuck up on me! As if! It’s just me who is not organized, forgets to plan, and doesn’t always manage her time well. I thought that if I could use a nudge, maybe others would appreciate a reminder as well. Whether you celebrate Diwali, Bodhi … Continue reading It’s Never Too Early to Bead for the Holiday Season

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Is This Happening To You?

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Across Facebook, crafters in stitching, sewing, and beading groups are voicing the same complaint. “I’m frozen” some beaders lament. “I still order and then my new beads sit idle, but I am sure my mojo will return,’ say the optimists! And these conversations draw hundreds of replies. (Of course! After all, we are all affected … Continue reading Is This Happening To You?

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