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I admit that despite the fact that we sell a large amount of seedbeads, I am not a ‘bead weaver’.  Not that I am not interested in doing it, but I am a ‘Funky & Chunky ‘ kinda girl when it comes to jewelry.  I must say though, recently ‘Beadwork’ magazine and the like have really been stepping up their features and I have loved some of the modern, fresh designs that are appearing.

And seeing as I ADORE Miyuki beads of every size and shape, I had to get myself in gear and start using them.  To introduce myself, I decided to try a couple of their kits we sell.

I chose the ‘Blue Surge Bracelet’ and the ‘Smokey Sapphire Ring’ so as to end up with a lovely set for myself.  Now that I do not sell jewelry anymore (The Beading Room keeps me busy enough, thank you) the pieces I make are going to be for ME ME ME:)

I started with the ring.  Rule number one.  Always believe the instructions.  It said to use a toothpick (or a reamer) to clear out the holes on the pearls.  Well I didn’t because I got my nylon through them no problem until….I had to go back through them a second time.  I had to take apart what I did and start again.

Anyways, in a short time I had a beautiful ring which I adore.  And a great, easy-to-follow pattern to replicate again and again.  I think I will make my Mom one in black and silver.  Have a look (but not at my ‘non-manicure’ please):

Feeling confident after my success, I am now doing the bracelet kit.  I really think this is going to be special, and again, I am going to use the pattern to make some different color combinations.  So far I have gotten this far:

Thought you may like a little photo of my working space too:)  I have just starting using the Design Save and Go beading board and I love it!!!  It even holds 15/0 pretty much in place (a few strays, but nothing serious).  All the rest of my supplies stay exactly as I leave them, after turning the board upside-down and vertical. And the space is nice and big but fits on my lap perfectly.  Tested and approved!

So, if you have wanted to try working with those little Miyuki Beads but don’t know where to start, try a kit.  It has given me some confidence to take it further and I am very impressed with the quality of beads-Czech Fire Polished, Miyuki, and Swarovski bicones are found in these kits.  Nothing but the best!

Here’s a link for all our Miyuki Kits:

And if you need a good bead board that allows you to bead anywhere, anytime, click on this link:

4 thoughts on “Test Driving Miyuki Kits”

  1. It is really nice Lynn…I keep on getting compliments on it. It was pretty easy but the 15/0s were a little more challenging. You need good light (and good eyes!) for those. Luckily there were not too many. They do make the band on the ring so comfortable to wear though-very soft and fluid. It feels constricting to wear metal rings in comparison:)

  2. Oh I can't do 15/0 without getting a headache. Do you suppose it would work with 11/0 and a few modifications? It's a very eye catching piece and color variations would be almost endless. Have you considered a section of your store site for some free patterns? Perhaps some customers could contribute to it. I have worked out a woven five petal flower that I could draw up the directions for, and of course, one needs supplies to make them, so it couldn't hurt business at all. Maybe even kind of a pattern swap amongst members. Just something to think about.

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