Time to Texturize Your Designs

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You have the most beautifully coordinating glass or crystal beads imaginable.  You thread them on and yet…something is missing.

It is texture.  And texture can be created by using a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.  But what is the most effective is mixing materials.

Don’t be scared to venture from your usual beading wire.  Silk ribbons are an easy way to enhance a stunning pendant.

Another fun and contemporary way to add interest is to use metal components with your beads.  And remember, it is perfectly acceptable to mix and match metal colors and textures.  I love using shiny and matte gold in my pieces at the moment.  The matte really modernizes the gold finish.  You could mix antique with shiny too.

Here are some of the great new metal pieces we have in stock, waiting to be mixed with glass, crystal and pearl:

These two pieces are SUPER value and are just such great creative inspiration!

Another easy way to create texture is to break away from the normal metal chain and try something new.  Here is the Polyester Chain which is comfortable to wear and extremely lightweight, making it perfect for use with bulkier charms and pendants (and it will not stretch or lose its shape either!

What about making each of your beads even more of a treasure with bead frames and bead caps?  You don’t need to surround every bead with something,  but accent a few beads here and there and you can change the look and feel of your design so easily.

Think about how your findings add to the overall appearance of your design too.  Gone are the days where the lowly jump ring and lobster clasp are things to be hidden amongst the beads.

Look at this Bungee Bracelet, which is essentially a whole stretchy bracelet of jump rings.

Or these lobster clasps, which can proudly be worn at the front of a necklace, not hiding under your hair:

Now that we have most of our new lines loaded we can get back to the much more fun task of getting some design ideas out to you in the coming weeks.  Look forward to several ideas on how to ‘texturize’ your designs, including the hand-dyed silks and our beautiful new Antique Silver Plated Metal components.  Make sure you sign up to receive our newsletters, design ideas and special offers straight to your inbox:)

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