We are Finally Updating Our System…Yahoo!!!!

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We have finally found someone who will update our creaky old shopping cart so that we can get it to do the things we want it to.  We are planning for price break discounts, 3 for 2 specials and more (mostly stuff customers won`t really see but will make me a much happier, less stressed retailer).  I feel relieved to have found someone who understands our system.  Then I don`t have to waste so much time on the mundane stuff- I can get back to designs and newsletters again.

I had to share a photo of our 3 year old son.  This is the view I get from him daily as I am trying to work.  He sneaks into the office and peeks around the corner.  I have to pretend that I thought I saw someone but have come to the conclusion there is no one there.  But I can`t help but notice that handsome little man!!!

He is now banned from the office after hiding a customer`s order.  Not all in one place, each item was stashed somewhere different.  There are little bags of findings still hidden somewhere.  I had to repack many things and adjust quantities on our system.  So little fingers are not allowed anymore:)

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