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Well after a busy holiday period January has been a time of relative rest…and planning for the year ahead!

Now that we have the site running pretty much as we would like it, we will be looking at all the photos which we transferred from the old site.  Some were taken when we first started out and are rather less than great, whilst some of the sizes of the images are wrong- so they do not fit nicely or neatly into the new product description pages.  What this basically means is the site should be looking prettier and prettier as the year goes on:)

We will also be putting more design ideas on our social media pages so you have more inspiration on how to use our products.  We can also put these photos into the product descriptions so you can see the component in a finished piece.

We will also be selling some of our items on EBay, so we will have another way to sell.  In these tough economic times we really need to be reaching out to potential customers, and EBay will help us achieve that.

Of course we have made a ‘wish list’ of the new items we would like to stock this year.  We are looking at peanut beads, Vintage, Regaliz leather, more brass findings, more Preciosa Crystal Shapes…it is more difficult to decide what NOT to buy;)

Our final goal is to categorize our stock better in the office here.  We need to do this in the chance someone else needs to step in and take over at any time.  We have everything organized by ‘type’ as opposed to stock/bin numbers, which isn’t very useful to a non-beader.  So this is another not-so-fun but necessary task to complete in 2013.

If you have a business, have you set goals and prioritized tasks for the year ahead?  What will you be doing in 2013?

So one of the wish list items was to get some new and beautiful Tierracast and JBB toggles in…and here they are!

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