‘Wire’ We All Out Of Wire?

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As many of you have noted, after mentioning that we intend on building up our wire-working range over the next few months, it seems our range is actually shrinking.

It is because we cannot get hold of many lines of Artistic Wire from our suppliers.

Why? Well the big American Beading Supply company ‘Beadalon’ acquired the ‘Artistic Wire’ brand in December and are re-launching the products with new improved packaging and additions to the range.

Unfortunately, in the meantime, there are some gaps in supply and demand. Please bear with us! We know you are all going ‘wild over wireworking’ at the moment and we want to meet your demands as soon as we possibly can:) The good news is the fantastic wire you know and love will be looking even better!

3 thoughts on “‘Wire’ We All Out Of Wire?”

  1. I heard from one of the previous Artistic Wire manufacturers he has concerns that Beadalon was heading to China to have the Artistic Wire made, along side the Beadalon!
    Beware of changes in the final product.

  2. I hope that is not true, or if it is that they ensure the product itself doesn't change! It wasn't the snazzy packaging or the big advertising that sold it- it was the great quality of the product!!! Lets hope Beadalon are smart enough to realise that!

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