You Tube then You Bead

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Ever so often I have a browse through You Tube to see what other beaders (and bead stores!) are up to.  If I had more time I think I would sit and watch it all day with needle, thread and beads at hand.  It always amazes me at how huge the beading community is and how wide the range of instructional tutorials are.

Watching these inspires me to bead.  I want to feel the needle in my hand and hear the sound of Delicas softly shaking in the tube.  I want to push my beading self outside that comfort zone and try something new-even if it takes me a whole month to complete!

But not only videos do this for me.  Visiting craft fairs, flipping through a glossy beading book, or receiving the latest copy of my favorite magazine gives me that inspiration too.

Sometimes we forget to invest in these kinds of materials- they are just as important as the needle, thread and beads themselves.  If not more!  Books, video tutorials, online patterns, kits, magazines, beading friends.  These are the things that got us started with this addictive hobby and they will be the catalysts for moving our skills on to the next level, where the results are pieces you would have NEVER thought you could make when you started.

You can find plenty of free tutorials online, but some of these tend to be of poorer quality.  There are some great online tutorials that you download for a reasonable price and have forever.  Most of these are clear, concise and easy to follow.  You can find lots of design ideas with still photos online too.  These are great for larger, strung bead designs but I find can be trickier for woven techniques.  We are slowly building our archive of design ideas which you can find here.  A regular subscription to the popular magazines not only guarantees you get your hands on the latest edition, you usually save a substantial amount off of the cover price.  And books.  There is something intrinsically satisfying about flipping through the pages of a book.

We have lots of beautiful books for sale online, which we hand pick for their quality, easy instructions and current trending.  Come and have a look here.  And watch for individual book reviews over the next few weeks so you can have a better peek between the covers!

Just remember that there is no such thing as a beading expert these days.  With the multitudes of ever-emerging techniques, styles, trends, materials and handy tools a beader has never reached the pinnacle of their hobby:)  What new skill are you going to learn today?

PS: Do you have any great links for instructional videos or downloadable pattern?  Where do you get your inspiration from?  Please share:)

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