Beautiful and a Bit More

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Last week I made the most beautiful necklace with this Beadsmith Kumihimo Kit

Kumihimo Kit 'Dusk & Dawn'

Which turned out to look like this:

Kumihimo Necklace

That was using 90 beads on each warp (this is a simple 8 warp weave).  It sits beautifully just below the collarbone and feels so luxurious.  Considering its thickness, it feels so fluid and the lustre of the pearls makes it feel just like satin in your hands.  But oh no, couldn’t just leave it at that!  I decided to give it a little revamp and change the feeling of it completely.  So I added 3 lengths of chain, another jump ring and a few of the leftover beads to make this longer-length, funky necklace:

Kumihimo and Chain Necklace

I can’t decide how I like it….one is beautiful but the other is beautiful and bit more!!

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