bracelet design ideas

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'flander's poppies bracelet' by Aleksandra Lysenko
‘flander’s poppies bracelet’ by Aleksandra Lysenko
'unkempt bracelet' by Preciosa
‘unkempt bracelet’ by Preciosa
'zip bracelet' by Preciosa
‘zip bracelet’ by Preciosa
'wheel bead spiral rope' by Nela Kábelová
‘wheel bead spiral rope’ by Nela Kábelová
'encrusted heart bracelet' by The BeadSmith
‘encrusted heart bracelet’ by The BeadSmith
river walk bracelet by Cynthia Newcomer Daniel
‘river walk bracelet’ by Cynthia Newcomer Daniel
simply silky bracelet by Akke Jonkhof
‘simply silky bracelet’ by Akke Jonkhof
‘sunshine dreams bracelet’ by The Beading Room
Kumihimo and Pip Bracelet by Preciosa
‘kumihimo and pip bracelet’ by preciosa
Rulla Round Bangles
‘rulla round bangles’ by The Beading Room
Festive Wreath Kumihimo Bracelet
‘festive wreath kumihimo bracelet with magatamas’ by The Beading Room
golden rings bracelet and earring set
‘golden rings bracelet and earring set with ufo beads’ by The Beading Room
lovin' neon bracelet
‘lovin’ neon bracelet’ by The Beading Room
Fun & Flirty DatzKatz Bangle
‘fun & flirty bangle’ by DatzKatz
candy cane bracelet
‘candy cane bracelet’ by The Beading Room

2 thoughts on “bracelet design ideas”

  1. Hi Hollie:

    Again, I would like to thank you for your help at our Workshop And for speaking. I am sure everyone benefited from your info!! 🙂

    I am looking for “charms” & I can’t seem to find them.
    Do you have any?


    1. Hi Camilla!
      Sorry for the late reply. Your comment was filtered incorrectly:) I enjoyed doing the workshop and hopefully there were some useful pieces to take away. I learned some useful things too.
      We do have some charms, though not many as we specialize mainly in crystal and glass beads for bead weaving. You can find them here:


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