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Miracle Beads

June 2020 – In and Out of Fashion

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Sometimes I think that the saying “nothing is certain but death and taxes” should be amended to include changes in fashion.We are pressured to fit in by conforming to seasonal changes, and, if ignored, we might find our stylistic failures the fodder or trendy articles! (I’ve recognized my own fashion follies, but hey, I’m no … Continue reading June 2020 – In and Out of Fashion

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Miraculously Popular…

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Our top selling Miracle Beads are now available in new colors- Light Blue, Charcoal, Light Green, Olivine and Cream. Their great price point and lightweight feel make these beautifully luminescent beads our most popular line.  If you have ordered them before, please let us know how you used them:)                                 The effect is … Continue reading Miraculously Popular…

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