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We are giving away a FREE bag of 4mm Miracle Beads (approx. 60) with every $25.00 you spend with The Beading Room. You can choose which colors you would like us to send from our great selection.

So what are Miracle Beads? Well, most beads come from either Japan or China and vary ENORMOUSLY in quality.

They are made by layering lacquer or glass and metallic particles. Light reflects and rebounds amongst the particles to reveal the effect of a ‘floating’ round in the center of the bead.

The very best quality are made in Japan and they are considerably more expensive than the lacquer variety. They are also weightier because of the glass content. Our Miracle Beads are good quality of the lacquer variety from China, offering the effect in a lightweight and very affordable form. Many of our customers swear by them, and love the fact they are so light-they are great to pair with other beads such as lampwork which are heavy.

We want you to experience their beauty and versatility so we are offering a free bag with every $25.00 you spend with us…the more you spend the more freebies you get. Place an order now at to ensure you receive the colors you want! Just let us know in the comment section at checkout which you would like to try. We know you’ll love them!

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  1. I love these magical Miracle beads and am thrilled to have just discovered Mirage Beads! Saw them in real life a few days ago and HAD to have them! Looked for a Canadian supplier with good shipping and found you! Your prices are great and as a starving artist, that means a lot! Thanks for using PayPal! Ordered some today! Will show you what I make with them!

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