Go on and Give It to Us…

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We are a growing company and really appreciate when customers give us feedback. We have received comments about products, the website design, photos, and everything in between. And we love it! We are so fortunate that our customers have taken the time to help us on our way to becoming ‘The Beading Room’ we and you all want it to be. Sooooo……

We are putting together our ‘Beading Supply Expansion Plan’ (okay, our ‘Wish List’) of products we want and need to add to our range of almost 5000 products already in stock.

PLEASE let us know what you would like us to stock, what you have difficulties finding, etc. We are here to serve our customers and we want to make sure you are getting everything you need.

So drop us an email via the site www.thebeadingroom.com, email me at hollie@thebeadingroom.com or leave a comment after this blog. We will try our utmost to fulfill your beading wishes:)

3 thoughts on “Go on and Give It to Us…”

  1. We would like to get some freshwater pearls in, even though we are trying to focus mainly on glass and crystal beads. Oh it is so hard to try and focus:) We are thinking of getting a range in to stock in 'The Bead Boutique' section of the site. That's where we display our limited quantity items, special purchases and other beads which do not fit into our 'normal' categories. So keep an eye on there, we will mostly likely be stocking them int he next couple of months!

  2. Look out for the new 2011 shape of crystal pearl by Swarovski though! It has a great, organic feel like Freshwater pearls but with the consistency of color and size and the great durability we expect from Swarovski.

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