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Well, as some of you unfortunately know, PayPal has been causing us a bit of grief! Their automated security systems are becoming increasingly more stringent (which IS a good thing, I suppose!) and declining many transactions. The problem for us was they wouldn’t divulge any information to let us help our customers, and no explanation or support was really being given to those who were having difficulties.

So it was resulting in unhappy customers, unhappy bead store owners and many lost sales!

But another day and another payment gateway:) We now accept Credit card and INTERAC Online payments through InternetSecure, a Canadian-based subsidiary company, who have so far provided excellent support and personalized service to us. The customer feedback we have received has been great. Comments are that it is easy and straightforward to use, clear when the transaction has been approved/declined and it provides contact information and support when it is needed. We love the fact that we can phone their support desk and it is answered within seconds and we are speaking to a human in less than 30 seconds. And this is not to be taken for granted in today’s touch-tone phone age. I didn’t have to repeatedly press ‘0’ to get out of one of those horrible automated systems.

I know, I know, some of you are die-hard PayPal users and swear by it…so we still provide it as a payment option, but, unlike before, you MUST have a verified account with them now.

And, for those of you , like me, who can’t control myself when it comes to beads, you can pay by INTERAC online just as you would in the store. You will be redirected to your Bank’s website and guided through the process. The money is transferred immediately and there are no shock credit card statements at the end of the month:)

So to recap…Credit Card, INTERAC online, PayPal, COD, personal cheques, money orders…we take almost everything but blood!!!

And I promise a much prettier and creative blog for tomorrow…something with a bit of twinkle and shine I think!

Now I am off to pack some more orders. My husband doesn’t classify the blog as work you see, he thinks it is just a chance for me to chat uncontrollably and without interruption:) I had better go and help him….

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