Project by The Beading Room ‘Angelic Earrings’

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We made a variation of these a couple of years ago and turned the little angels into bookmarks.  This year we made them into cute earrings and had to share the idea!

What you need:

What to do:

  1. Take an eye pin and thread on one Artemis bead, the wings, a crystal round, a rhinestone rondelle and lastly a 3mm round.
  2. Make a wrapped loop at the top of the eye pin, making sure to keep wrapping until all the components are sitting snugly together.
  3. Open the loop on the earring hook and attach your little angel.  Repeat for the second earring,

Variations: We also stock the angel wings also in brass oxide and antique copper. so you can choose the metal finish you prefer.   Add splashes of color by choosing different colors of crystal components to really customize your earrings.  In the photo above we used a light amethyst artemis bead and crystal ab rondelles for one of the earrings.

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