So Many Relatives, So Little Time

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Most of my family live a plane ride away, so I am thinking about Christmas presents already. And as you beaders know, everyone expects a handmade gift once you have been at it for a while. Store bought gifts don’t cut it anymore. So I have started to think about what I can make that has the ‘wow’ factor, but is quick and easy to put together.

Swarovski and Sterling Silver are definitely the materials of choice for this kind of project. The beauty of Swarovski and the quality of Sterling combine to make the perfect gifts guaranteed to make any female relative extremely grateful!

I have put together a basic Sterling cuff adorned with Swarovski Cubes and Rounds in Jet, Crystal and Peridot. You could add any colours you like, but I thought these were seasonal without screaming ‘Christmas’ at you.

Swarovski Cuff Gift

Materials: (click on the items to see more info)

1 X Sterling Silver Bangle 15g
4 X Sterling Silver Beadcaps Diamond .36g 11.5mm
12 X Sterling Silver Headpins 24G 1.5in with 2mm Bead
4 X Sterling Silver Jumprings 5mm 20g Open (4 more optional)
4 X Swarovski Rounds 6mm Peridot
4 X Swarovski Rounds 6mm Crystal
4 X Swarovski Cubes 8mm Jet


1. Put all rounds onto a headpin and secure with a wrapped loop.
2. Put a cube on each headpin, followed by a beadcap (it looks like a little cup under the cube) and secure with a wrapped loop.

3. Thread a peridot round onto a jumpring (through the wrapped loop), then a cube, then the other peridot round. Repeat with another jumpring.
4. As above but this time using the crystal rounds.
5. Attach a ‘crystallized’ jumpring onto each of the rings on the cuff.

Et voila! Quick, easy and elegant. I have also then used an additional 4 jumprings to cluster the other jumprings together for a more full look on the top. Starting at the top and moving clockwise, use a jumpring to attach the two adjacent jumprings and continue all the way around. then use one to pull the opposite jumprings together. This creates a much fuller look, with less jangle.

Tips: You can substitute Czech glass for crystal, and silver plate for Sterling if you like-but the ‘wow’ really is in the great components! Also, make sure the beadcaps you choose are not too rounded- the cubes need to sit inside firmly. Make the bracelet for several relatives as you will have lots of components left over to make more! Or maybe one for yourself…

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