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The new website is almost up and ready (ish!). There will be plenty of work ahead as we get it looking and doing what we want it to do-even when we are open for business again you will be seeing new functions added every day.  So, what is so worth the disruption to my bead shopping you ask?  Well…

Our new site will have a wishlist.  That in itself is worth the wait.  Now you will be able to put the things you need this minute into your cart, and the the things you would for your next order (or as a birthday present for your dear Aunt Martha) on your wishlist.  No worrying about finding those cool vitrail peacock triangle beads again in future.

You will be able to share any product on Facebook and Pinterest, with one easy click of the F and P.  And if you haven’t got a board on Pinterest yet, please do not hold us accountable for your future addiction for ‘Pinning’.  Let’s just say if you are creative and love beautiful things Pinterest is the most inspiring and compulsive social media out there!!

Our blog will be easy-peasy to access from the top menu bar of our site, so anytime you need further information, want to read what’s new in The Beading Room, or are craving inspiration, you will be able to visit our blog effortlessly and seamlessly.  That goes for Facebook too!

Checking out will be MUCH easier.  All your shipping and payment details will be on one page for easy confirmation and speed.  You will not be redirected to a different gateway and have to click ‘here’ twenty times.  It will all be done then and there so we can pack up your goodies and get them out faster than you can fill up your cart again:)

We have quick drop menus to find what you need faster.  No getting a sore clicking finger to find Miyuki Hex Cut Delicas in a Metallic Finish (which, are like, 5 subcategories in!).  Just hover your cursor over a category and the next subcategory will come shooting out at you.  And again…

There are plenty of more cool features too, but we’ll let you discover those when you next visit us:)  Make sure you are following us on Facebook for latest updates!

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